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Posted February 17, 2003 

Quincy, Illinois
Susan Moore – Admissions Coordinator

Chaddock, located on a 30-acre campus, in Quincy, Illinois, provides a continuum of programs and services, having served children since 1853. Now offer they also their Integrative Attachment Therapy residential treatment program, developed in consultation with Dr. Dan Hughes, for adolescents ages 12-16, who have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. This very structured program focuses on empathic attunement in a nurturing environment, with an average length of stay ranging from 12 to18 months, based on individualized progress. .

Chaddock’s treatment philosophy is Reality Therapy/Choice Therapy, based on the belief that “behavior is purposeful and intended to meet one of the five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, fun.” They utilize five therapeutic techniques including: Behavior Theory, which teaches natural and reasonable consequences; Attachment Theory, which teaches that relationships are primary; Systems Theory, which looks at behavior within the context of relationships with others; Psycho-Education, in which one’s total experience is central to re-education, and Developmental Theory, which bases expectations on one’s developmental level. Their Theraplay Family Therapy emphasizes Bowen Systems Theory, psychodrama, focused trauma work, cognitive restructuring, and paradoxical approaches, all used to fit the needs of each specific child.

The kids at Chaddock are supervised 24 hours a day with a minimum staff to client ratio of 1:3 during waking hours, and 1:6 during sleeping hours. Each student has a “Core Treatment Team” including a master’s level therapist and the primary counselor, who participates in therapy sessions. Parents are expected to participate in family therapy sessions on a regularly scheduled basis. Possible funding options available can be discussed with the admissions coordinator.

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