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Posted November 12, 2003 

Woodstock, Connecticut
Mary Ann Tingley, Admissions

[NEW PERSPECTIVES programs are those new to Woodbury Reports, Inc., and are presented to expand your knowledge, with the disclaimer that we know little more about them at this time than what appears here. Inclusion in Places for Struggling Teens, of course, does not imply any endorsement by Woodbury Reports, Inc. -Lon]

"Hyde School has two boarding campuses, one in Bath, Maine and the one in Woodstock, Connecticut, for grades 9-12. Each has an approximate enrollment of 220 students and focuses on academics and character development.

Last year Hyde's Woodstock campus began the "Learning Enhancement for Academic Development" (LEAD) program, offering its students "academic support and skills training in a character-centered learning environment that features intensive individual tutoring." The goal is to help students understand learning techniques, strengthen organizational and study skills, and build positive study habits. The program, directed by Holly Thompson,, includes writing and math enhancement, one-on-one tutoring, and a guided study hall to promote study and organizational skills, and a willingness to ask for help.

Hyde Schools also have a voluntary Serenity Program that "informs positive habits and supports productive lifestyles." The Serenity Program places students in a supportive environment, where they can openly discuss the challenges they encounter with substance use and abuse.

The program is offered to two groups of students, those who arrive at Hyde School with a commitment to sobriety, and those who are exploring and considering that commitment.

The Serenity Program students live together in a dorm setting and participate in 12-step program meetings. The students meet daily to set goals, offer support to one another and participate in relaxation and meditation exercises. Their parents are encouraged to participate in a 12-step program at least once per week to provide a foundation for greater understanding of substance abuse issues within the family. For more information contact Helen Bullock at Hyde-Bath, or Robert Felt at Hyde-Woodstock,

Hyde School also has a Hyde Wilderness School,, which offers a wide range of courses that provide physical stamina and confidence. In addition, they have "Internal Wilderness Trips" called Onward. "This component of the Hyde Wilderness School is a three- to six-week character-building experience designed to foster readiness in new Hyde School students who would benefit from the program, or students who have difficulty meeting the rigors of Hyde's academic and character curriculum."

They also still offer the "Summer Challenge", Hyde's coed, five-week residential summer school that introduces the Hyde program and focuses on character development. In addition they have "Family Learning Wilderness Trips" for "experienced Hyde families who want to explore the wilderness together and face outdoor challenges as a team." These "focus on family and personal growth through kayaking, canoeing, hiking, snowshoeing, camp setup, cooking, and seminars for family and self-reflection." "Adventure Trips" are also available to students who want to push their limits on some of New England's most rugged terrain. These include mountain climbing and "Outpost," a year-round outdoor learning experience during which students focus on self-discovery while developing back-country exploration skills. "External Wilderness Trips" and "Family Workshops In the Wilderness" are offered "for families outside the Hyde community who want an outdoor experience that will challenge and strengthen family relationships." For more information, contact Gene Devlin, Director of Hyde Wilderness School,

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