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Posted December 3, 2003 

Future Men
Kirbyville, Missouri
Aaron Boldman, Director
417-546-6241 417-546-6241 617-230-2569(cell)

Future Men is a boarding school for a maximum of 6 boys that offers a highly structured and monitored environment with a typical mentor to student ratio of 2:1. The boys who enroll at Future Men “continue or finish their high school education” and are apprenticed with “master tradesmen” to gain the “skills needed for self-reliance.” A wide range of apprenticeships are available, including construction, remodeling, taxidermy, auto mechanics and woodworking.

Their “primary focus…is to train young men to put off childish behaviors and obsessions with the trivial distractions of this life…and to subsequently embrace the responsibilities and freedoms that come with true manhood…” The Future Men school offers a “unique living situation that allows young men to reside in a home with older godly men who serve as role models. Local church attendance and a bi-weekly Bible study compliment the daily devotionals provided for [them].”

The school program is a “highly structured and monitored tutorial school where each student is given an individual educational plan coupled with the environment and motivation to promote success.” The “course work is founded on God’s Word across the curriculum and it is monitored and administered by credentialed teachers. The school is currently on candidate status for accreditation with the North Central Association Commission on Schools.”

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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