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Posted October 29, 2003 

Kanner Academy
Sarasota, Florida

Kanner Academy is a community of young adults and adults established to foster the development of education, human values, awareness, and self-understanding. This therapeutic peer-community environment accepts educationally and emotionally challenged students who have not been able to achieve in the mainstream public schools or at other private school settings. The school's mission is to prepare students to be responsible and informed citizens, who can communicate effectively and be successful in their careers Of equal importance is to prepare them emotionally and socially. They strive to help build their student's self esteem and an awareness of the self and the community, also extending their mission to include the students' families.

This is a 24 hour a day program that emphasizes radical responsibility and a willingness to be open and honest. Families must participate in all rules, structures and limits while at school and at home, which includes participating in a minimum of one multi-family therapy session per month and a minimum of two group meetings per semester. Kanner has a day school and residential program, both of which require psychotherapy at the Kanner Academy, for an additional fee, with the Children and Family Gestalt Institute Inc., which is staffed by licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health professionals.

Kanner uses a multi-modal program that achieves measurable success in treating at-risk and disabled youth, helping them to develop healthy loving relationships and family dynamics. Their program involves group and individual therapy and electives with a somewhat traditional curriculum that blends cooperative education and interaction, positive peer culture, community meetings, and a therapeutic milieu. The program adds the comprehensive limits, structures, and interactions that bring about growth, self-awareness and healthy lifestyles in troubled adolescents.

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