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Posted October 28, 2003 

The Camp Recovery Center
Campbell, California
Rick Harrell – Adolescent Services

The Camp Recovery Center has successfully served the needs of the chemically dependent since 1984 and "is the largest and most comprehensive treatment program in Northern California." The Camp operates three primary addiction treatment centers in California, and offers Adolescent Treatment in Santa Cruz County that provides the adolescent “services for every difficult step along the way of the recovery process.”

The Camp’s adolescent program offers a Detoxification Service to provide relief from the physical discomfort of withdrawal, along with medical monitoring by a physician and a 24-hour nursing staff. They offer Residential Rehabilitation to the adolescent who cannot stop using alcohol or drugs without 24-hour supervision, who has continued to use despite significant negative health or social consequences. When the adolescent demonstrates substance induced adverse emotional behaviors that are interfering with activities and daily living, they offer a program in which both detox and a state certified school are provided. Day Services are available for the adolescent who still needs daily structure and treatment but has a safe home environment and/or is transitioning from residential care but still has significant need for treatment. Also, there is an Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents who need treatment and structure after school to prevent substance abuse and to promote recovery.

The Camp’s treatment approach to addiction is to not only help adolescents to stop using drugs or alcohol, but also to help them maintain a chemical-free lifestyle and sobriety that continues into their adult years. To help accomplish this, The Camp has Continuing Care Groups where alumni and families share their experiences, their strength, their friendship, and their hope. Online aftercare is also offered.

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