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Posted October 6, 2003 

Bill and Cindy McFeature
Bristol, Virginia

[NEW PERSPECTIVES programs are those new to Woodbury Reports, Inc., and are presented to expand your knowledge, with the disclaimer that we know little more about them at this time than what appears here. Inclusion in Places for Struggling Teens, of course, does not imply any endorsement by Woodbury Reports, Inc. -Lon]

This program provides a seven-acre ranch setting in Southwest Virginia to provide treatment for five 12-17 year old boys with “mild to moderate emotional and behavioral issues" and “average to above average cognitive abilities" who need intervention "to prevent the potential for at risk behavior.”

Bill McFeature L.P.C. has more than ten years experience in psychological testing and assessment and is about to complete his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Cindy McFeature M.A. has her Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and continues to work on her Doctorate. Their treatment philosophy is to start with a solid assessment of the child, then develop a holistic treatment plan that addresses the child’s spiritual, mental, physical and emotional needs. The goal for healing is to develop a trusting relationship between themselves and the children.

Their Emotional Growth program includes an array of services to provide “holistic” healing for the child and family. An important element of their Emotional Growth program is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), which includes the use of dogs, horses, cats, goats and lambs. They feel AAT is very effective in helping children become goal directed. According to the McFeatures, other ways AAT can also be of benefit include helping young people to: enhance their fine motor skills, develop their ability to trust; learn to direct their attention outward, improve their willingness to participate in activities, and examine their Spirituality. The McFeatures point out several famous people have described animals as “part of their sustaining life energy and/or part of their communion and relationship with God.” One goal they have on the horizon is to build an indoor riding arena so the children can ride year round.

In addition to the above, they provide Outpatient Services for individuals and families and offer Emergency Diagnostic Services to assess children in a home-like setting for a 30 to 45 day period of time. The length of the residential program is from six to twelve months, with academics supplied through an accredited home school curriculum.

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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