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Posted October 11, 2003 


Michael R. Forgy, MA, Administration
Meridian, Idaho

[NEW PERSPECTIVES programs are those new to Woodbury Reports, Inc., and are presented to expand your knowledge, with the disclaimer that we know little more about them at this time than what appears here. Inclusion in Places for Struggling Teens, of course, does not imply any endorsement by Woodbury Reports, Inc. -Lon]

The mission of the Boise Center For Family Growth and Development is to teach families how to make choices so each member can “explore, challenge, learn, and grow together.” The center's staff sees their intensives as a way to give families who have acting out children a chance to heal as a family, rather than to send the child with problems away to a residential program.

The Center “works with families in a manner that creates opportunity for every member to experience optimal emotional growth and development in a rich environment of support, nurturing, understanding, and respect.” The families start an intensive three-day experience on a Monday, working with the staff to determine each family member’s strengths and weaknesses. “Our medical staff carefully evaluates each member's physical and emotional health, working closely with our Master Level licensed clinical staff to make each participant’s experience as fulfilling as possible.”

“We value the family and it’s structure and believe family preservation is of paramount importance.” They utilize their “unique understanding of family dynamics and the challenges of keeping a family structure healthy in these difficult times." They feel even families who do not have overwhelming problems with drug abuse or the like, can benefit from this experience.

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