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Posted January 24, 2003 

Sandpoint, Idaho
Fred Lange, Enrollment Coordinator

Alliance Behavior Consulting creates change where it most needs to happen – in the home. ABC offers guidance and support to children and families who recently departed or successfully completed any therapeutically based residential program. We use a team approach to create customized in-home behavior programs to affect and maintain permanent change within the family system. The idea behind ABC is centered in Psychosocial Rehabilitation, or traditional “wrap around services.” Many states require these services as a follow up to hospitalizations or residential placements because it reduces the likelihood of relapse. Frequently, tremendous gains are made at the residential program, only to be lost when the child returns to the same environment.

Dr. Alexander, our child and adolescent psychiatrist, is very supportive of Alliance’s wrap around services and enthusiastic about the move into the private sector: “In-home services are the best way to ensure long term changes for children and adolescents. Research has proven its effectiveness for all major behavioral and psychiatric problems including substance abuse, mood disorders, ADHD, and PTSD.” Our team reviews each individual situation and designs a plan which will best meet the family’s goals. In our experience, it is often beneficial for two Behavior Consultants to work with a family. This prevents enmeshment and allows parents and kids to hear two different perspectives.

Alliance Behavior Consulting offers continuing support for one year, with the level of involvement decreasing over time. Customized Family Success Plans are designed and monitored by ABC, but implemented by the family. ABC is currently seeking contracts with RTC’s and boarding schools in order to strengthen their aftercare.

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