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Schools & Program Visits - July, 2002 Issue #95 

[This article is outdated. 
Coronado Academy closed November 28, 2004.]

Coronado Academy
Saul Rudman, Founder
June 18, 2002

Visit Report by Harriet Gershman M.S.Ed., C.E.P.
& James Nolan, M.A.

Several weeks ago we shared the wonderful experience of visiting Coronado Academy, the exciting new school in Costa Rica. Saul Rudman, the executive director who is known to us all, founded this new, coed school for students who need to adjust the course of their lives. The goal is to allow students to redefine and reach goals, personally and academically in a beautiful, serene setting. Costa Rica – the oldest democracy in Latin America – provides a society replete with positive role models and strong family based values.

Saul has assembled an outstanding staff, many of whom have significant experience in the emotional growth schools. Steven Hargis, director of student life, assists Saul in overseeing the day-to-day operations. Geneva Pender, who was formerly at Positive Impact, provides strong and imaginative direction for their educational program.

The individual needs of students are ably and sensitively addressed by an enthusiastic and committed staff. During our visit, we witnessed students who were actively engaged in independent work, yet comfortable in seeking the advice and assistance from the staff. Coronado has invested tremendous resources in its own satellite system so that students can have high-speed access to the internet.

The new facility, which will be ready next month, is simply magnificent. The campus, which rivals that of any school stateside, therapeutic or not, was developed to allow the maximum interaction between students and staff as well as to provide with space that will encourage creative projects. The world class Viking kitchen, complete with a teaching area, will allow students who are so inclined, to learn culinary skills from world class chefs via television. The air-conditioned dorms provide comfortable living and meeting space for students. These wonderful facilities are located on a gorgeous, pristine stretch of beach on the Pacific Coast.

We were able to spend a great deal of time with Coronado’s students. We attended a biology class, which on that occasion was held on a river, where we were all able to observe the rich wild life resources of the area, including crocodiles and red macaws.

This school is not for severely troubled teenagers, but for those who need “time out” in order to reorient their lives. It is ideal for a high school senior or a junior who is somewhat confused about his/her goals and his/her future path in life. Students must enroll voluntarily and become part of a commitment where everyone shares in the responsibility of daily living.

Coronado is a school, one can recommend with confidence. It provides students with an exciting, safe and healthy environment, in which they can grow and mature. Saul Rudman and his staff are building a truly special school in a magical part of the world.

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