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New Perspectives - Apr, 2002 Issue #92 

Fryeburg Academy
Language Retraining
Fryeburg, Maine
Carol and Ted Kneeland

Fryeburg Academy is an independent secondary school that serves a widely diverse population of local day students and boarding students from across the nation and around the world. Successful candidates must be of at least average intelligence and have some balancing strength in areas such as leadership, citizenship, athletics, or the arts, in order to be admitted. Students must also be free from emotional disorders.

Students build relationships with peers and faculty that span cultures, genders and ages as they share a school, community and a campus. Students live on and off campus, but all spend a lot of time on campus, utilizing the academic and research resources, dining at the cafeteria, or catching up with friends at the student union.

Guidance counselors help students choose the curriculum best suited for their goals, creating a course of study that challenges, excites, and educates. These individual paths work to: strengthen self-confidence, realize one’s potential, and hone in on individual talents. Every student is required to take core courses and to carry at least five academic subjects each semester.

Fryeburg Academy has added a Language Retraining division to their Special Services, offering instruction in reading, writing and thinking for the college bound language based, learning disabled student. The goal of the two-year instructional program is to teach students to understand and use every aspect of the language well enough that independent functioning in a challenging and stimulating academic setting becomes possible. The program incorporates two distinct courses, Language Structures and Conceptual Language Development I & II.

The Language Structures class is essentially a writing course consisting of no more than 12 students, while the Conceptual Language Development I & II varies between 3-5 students. These classes help students develop abilities sufficient to take them through college and beyond. Students learn through memorization and learn new study techniques to help them automatically associate phonics and language rules. Reading Comprehension and listening is improved through the use of complex charts and logic pyramids. Specific curriculum is covered in sequences that are “fine-tuned” to meet individual needs.

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