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Seen 'n Heard - Mar, 2002 Issue (page 1) 

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(January, 2002)  Veronica I. Kenney, Director of Admission, Landmark School, Prides Crossing, Massachusetts, 978-236-3000, announced their summer program for students ages 7 to 20 “whose language processing deficits are impeding their academic achievement” and “inhibiting their social development.”  Not for students with behavioral/emotional problems as a primary problem, nor concrete thinkers, it consists of individualized concentrations on “mastering reading, writing, spelling, and composition skills, which can be combined with “one of four other programs:  Adventure Ropes, Seamanship, Marine Science, or Recreation.”

(January 2, 2002) Paul Auchterlonie, Ed.M. has joined Yvonne Jones, PhD, CEP, in her educational consulting practice in Seattle, WA.  They are excited about the partnership and growing their business.  Paul has ten years of professional experience serving underachieving students including working with some of the leading education management companies.  Paul holds a Masters degree from Harvard University, and can be reached at Education Advisory Group, 206-323-1838, pauchterlonie@earthlink.net.

(January 8, 2002) Richard B. Williams, of Paradigm magazine, 256-880-3339, cell: 256-426-4551, informed Woodbury Reports that Paradigm magazine, published since 1997, is making available over 200 previously published articles on their online archive. Potential contributors will also be able to “submit articles easily, with confidence of future publication.  This easy-to-use site will never contain advertising and is a free service of Three Springs, a leading provider of adolescent treatment programs.”

(February 15, 2002)  Glenn White and Mona Treadway, Dragonfly Adventures, Klamath Falls, Oregon, 541-850-0841, trips@dragonflyadventures.com, announced their summer curriculum will consist of a Multi-Sport Teen Adventure. Located in Oregon/California and running from June 21 to July 8, 2002, it will include rafting, rock climbing, caving and mountaineering.  Teen Leadership Adventure, operating in Sitka, Alaska from July 19 to August 8, 2002, will include sea kayaking, backpacking, cultural explorations and leadership skills. The Family Adventure, also located in Sitka, Alaska from August 16 to August 25, 2002 will include sea kayaking, hiking, cultural explorations, and optional charter fishing.

(February 18, 2002)  Reid Treadaway, Admissions for SUWS of the Carolinas, Old Fort, North Carolina, 888-828-9770, suwsnc@icu2.net, announced that their Clinical Psychologist, Bob Hanna, Ph.D., provides a number of assessment tools to supplement the wilderness experience.  Tests for intellectual assessment include the WISC-III or WAIS-III; for achievement assessment, the Woodcock Johnson III Achievement Battery and Wide Range Achievement Test-3 (WRAT); for personality assessment, the MMPI-A, Milon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI), Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, and Brown ADD scales; for projective measures, the Rorschach Inkblot Test, Incomplete Sentence Form and Draw A Person; and for substance abuse screening, the SASSI-A. Dr. Hanna also conducts an in-depth clinical interview, reviews parent applications, relevant records, past testing, and consults with parents about the results obtained by the testing, and with consultants about potential placements.

(January 4, 2002)  In the United States District Court, District of Utah, a complaint and jury demand was filed by attorneys Silvester & Conroy, 801-532-2266 for World Wide Association of Specialty Programs, a Utah Corporation, against PURE, Inc., Pure Foundation, Inc., Sue Scheff and DOES’ 1 THROUGH 10, Civil No. 2:02CV 0010ST.  The alleged causes of action are Intentional Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage, Defamation, Civil Conspiracy, Unfair Business Practices, Injunction, and Damages. The response, based on a February 16, 2002 Affidavit by Sue Scheff for PURE, Inc., PURE Foundation, Inc., Sue Scheff and Does’ 1 through 10, residents of Florida, and filed by attorneys Henriksen & Henriksen, 801-521-4145, was a Motion to Quash Service, alleging “The plaintiff has improperly attempted to bring multiple causes of action against the defendants in Utah where personal jurisdiction over the defendants does not exist.”

PHELPS SCHOOL ANNOUNCES SUMMER PROGRAM (February 11, 2002) James Spiro, Director of Admissions at Phelps School, Malvern, PA, 610-644-1754, announced their five week summer program for young men who need “encouragement and/or remediation in Language Arts, reading and math. Individual and small group instruction along with tutorial assistance is available with emphasis on organizational and study skills. Workshops concentrating on students’ physical, social and emotional well-being, and field trips will also be included. Their school psychologist and learning specialist, Pat Knight, will direct the academics and Bob Ahrens, the Dean of Students will direct the summer program.

(February 14, 2002) Bernie Farrow, Head of Academy at Cedar Mountain, Cedar, City, Utah, 888-748-5668, a “fully accredited, closed campus boarding school, for teens 13 – 18, is pleased to announce their new Dean of Academics and Student Life. That role will be filled by Neal Hollingshead, who comes to the Academy with 25 years of experience, including being a principal and superintendent of schools in two different school districts.

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