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New Perspectives - Mar, 2002 Issue #91 

Kolob Canyon
Residential Treatment Center

West Jordan, Utah
Scott Davis
Executive Director

Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center, located in scenic New Harmony, Utah, describes itself as “a SAFE alternative to teen boot camps and the wilderness treatment programs for troubled teens.” Teen depression, eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, ADHD, drug abuse, addictions, attempted suicide and attachment disorder, are typical issues among their female residents.

Residents at Kolob Canyon receive six sessions of therapy in groups of 6, each workweek, as well as intense individual therapy a minimum once each week. Families participate in therapy either in person or by phone at least once each week. Residential staff assistance is available for student treatment 24 hours a day.

Additionally, residents participate in recreational therapeutic activities on a daily basis as planned and supervised by a licensed recreational therapist. This includes a comprehensive program designed to increase social skills, cardiovascular fitness, work skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, fine motor skills, and awareness of a person’s fitness needs.

“Academic progress is a high priority at Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center.” State-certified junior high and high school programs with class sizes that do not exceed 16 girls, allows individual attention. Some post high school/college level courses are available. “Residents who are academically behind are often able to catch up with their class work while receiving the therapeutic care that is required.” Assessments and evaluations are used to create an education plan suited to each student. State certified Special Education services are also available when needed. In addition, residents have unique opportunities to learn and grow that range from learning to ride and care for horses to creating and learning to play their own Native American flute.

Equine (horse) therapy plays an important role in the healing process at Kolob Canyon. It can help residents develop courage, increase self-confidence and direction, improve communication skills and discipline, and enhance the ability to trust, accept and respect others.

Kolob Canyon residents are able to experience a wide variety of cultural experiences, including trips to the world famous Shakespearean Festival in nearby Cedar City, Utah, as well as theater, art and history museums. They are also exposed to classical literature, various types of music, classical dancing and etiquette. Time for quiet reflection is also part of the program, as Kolob Canyon staff believes it is important to allow an opportunity to digest the day and reevaluate, contemplate the future, and dream of life’s possibilities.

Kolob Canyon feels parents’ commitment to parent weekends, family therapy, and on-going aftercare, makes a real difference in their child’s success. Parents are also encouraged to be involved in the parent’s association with other families at Kolob Canyon.

“Our clinical staff and directors are experienced, educated, and well trained in the most successful therapeutic practices. Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center is a Certified Educational, Recreational, and Therapeutic Schools and Programs (CERTS) facility. CERTS requires the highest standards of education, care, and training in the industry.”

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