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New Perspectives - Mar, 2002 Issue #91 

Homestead Ranch
Pat & Dee Hense, Directors
PO Box 258
Malta, MT 59538
(406) 654-1537

Homestead Ranch, part of Homestead Ministries, provides a networked program designed to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of young men, ages 13 to18 and their families. This program includes Bible Studies, discipleship programs, church attendance, Christian home schooling through the Christian Liberty Academy school system, along with Christian camps and retreats. They also offer community based counseling or other specialized services as needed. Nutritional meals, participation in ranch activities and a variety of recreational activities ranging from 4-H to fishing, and backyard basketball to swimming at the local public pools, are also part of their program.

Homestead Ranch provides young men who have a history of substance abuse, rebellion or crime with an opportunity to learn about and love God. Tried N True, a Christ-centered 12-Step program and life application Bible studies are an integral part of their Program.

The young men at Homestead Ranch must successfully complete the Independent Living Training and is encouraged to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and Jesus Christ. They are helped to identify emotions, express them in an appropriate manner, and understand how thoughts influence feelings and decisions. They are taught how to apply principles of physical exercise and nutrition, and to recognize the importance of physical awareness and good health in relation to their overall well-being. They also are made aware of the negative effects of drugs/alcohol and/or criminal behavior in their lives. In addition to being taught to accept the truth and discuss their thoughts, they also are guided to understand the value of self, others and God in the world around us. On a social level, they are instructed how to demonstrate appropriate behavior and healthy friendships and to treat others respectfully and responsibly.

Adolescent males 13-18 years of age who could benefit from a group home program in a rural ranch setting would include: pre-delinquent or problematic youth beginning to act out; disadvantaged or neglected youth who have been denied basic developmental needs by parent(s) or guardian; youth who have been involved in physical or emotional abuse and need to be removed from their environment, and mild to moderately delinquent youth on probation or parole who have a strong desire to change.

Homestead Ranch was founded in 1990 and is licensed as a Level III Group Home by State of Montana.. Nonprofit corporation registration with Washington State was completed in 1991. Their 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS was established in 1993. There is a seven-member Advisory Board that meets once a year. Homestead Ministries is also registered to do business as a nonprofit corporation in Montana. It is part of the American Missionary Fellowship, and are members of NACCFA Ministries and Homestead Ministries.

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