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New Perspectives - Feb, 2002 Issue #90 

“Serenity, joy and spiritual living in sobriety”
Dillon, Montana
Ann R. Dooling, Administrator

This is a 21-day program retreat for adults 18 or older recovering “from underlying spiritual illness manifested by symptoms of addiction to both mind-altering chemicals, including alcohol, and other forms of self-destructive behavior.”

“Frequently, individuals come out of acute alcohol treatment overwhelmed with the volume and intensity of their experience. Although sober, many feel a need for further help in digesting and implementing their programs. Often they desire a greater spiritual dimension in their lives as well. There is also a significant number of people who, through external circumstances or personal reasons, find themselves out of touch with their sobriety. These people are aware that they are in an uncomfortable or dangerous space, and we provide the tools and support for them to reconnect with their recovery.”

The program is built around relapse prevention, helping individuals “assess their lives and programs, discover their areas of need, and develop more satisfying and powerful strategies and solutions to fully living their lives. This will include examining cognitive, emotional, spiritual, relationship and recreational blocks.” They see each individual on a “continuum from discovery to recovery.”

A few miles south of Butte, Montana near Dillon, the program is “located on Pioneer Mountain Farm, which is one of the premier cashmere farms in the country.” The animals can be part of the therapy, since the babies especially “possess a serenity and calmness that radiates through their eyes and their being. They are totally trusting and loving and have taught us over the years that trust and love is essential to a happy and fulfilled life.”

The program is “intended to be a place of safety, and works to protect its Guests during their stay from stress, care and injury from outside. The confidentiality and anonymity of fellow guests is their spiritual and personal right.”

Stays are by what they call “Rotation”, three-week blocks scheduled in advance. The first one started December 3rd, and the next one starts March 4th and lasts through March 24th, 2002. The maximum size is ten guests in each rotation, and to enhance becoming better known, they currently are offering significant reductions in fees as an introductory offer.

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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