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New Perspectives - Feb, 2002 Issue #90 

New Horizons Youth Ranch
Directors: Tom & Rosie Harrell
Rexford, MT 59930
Phone: (406) 889-5995

New Horizons Youth Ranch, a structured environment with mentoring in life-skills, education, Christian and peer counseling, allows its students to “experience emotional and spiritual healing,” gain responsibility and accountability and overcome life-controlling problems. New Horizons Youth Ranch directs its students to a life “in Jesus Christ, and establishes firm guidelines in a safe, secure, structured home environment.”

The Ranch helps each child to set individual goals and to work on a progressive level system where they learn that structure and boundaries are a necessary part of life. As students progress through the levels they earn more privileges and responsibilities, while building positive character traits and developing accountability for their actions and strength to make better choices.

Structure is provided by following a daily/weekly routine that involves devotions, meals, school-time, chores, outdoor activities, woodworking, animal care, community service, family activities, family circle, church activities and youth group activities. Located in the heart of the Flathead Valley in Northwestern Montana, the distinct seasons and varied terrain also offer swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, biking, sledding, and skiing. All activities are family oriented and designed to build self-respect and character with as much enjoyment as possible.

Students 10-16 years of age are accepted at New Horizons Youth Ranch and are required to stay a period of 12 to 18 months in order to allow time for concrete changes to be established. Home-schooling is provided through an accredited academic program and tutoring is available. Students are also involved the Teen Challenge curriculum, which is focused on overcoming life controlling problems.

The ranch is operated by Tom and Rosie Harrell, who previously worked with adolescents in a similar program that assisted youth to discover their needs, demands and rewards. Tom has worked in carpentry for 20 years, and thoroughly enjoys working with adolescents. Rosie worked as a nurse for many years and has obtained experience in drug and alcohol rehab programs and an acute psychiatric unit that dealt with various types of conditions concerning adolescents. They also consult with general physicians, licensed chemical dependency counselors, and other professionals if the need should arise in their students. New Horizons receives counseling from, and is accountable to, their church, which along with Tom and Rosie’s family and friends, fully supports their ministry.

PO Box 1671 | Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 | 208-267-5550
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