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Posted  December 16, 2002 

Sojourn International
China Village, Maine
Geoff Robbins – Founder/Director

Sojourn International offers many recreational/educational activities during the summer, when most students are ‘between programs’, that are “uniquely New England” such as, the Appalachian Trail, Ausable Chasm, Campabello Island, Fort Ticondaroga, and many other safe, positive, and interesting experiences.

In addition to the recreational programs, Sojourn also provides support services to students, schools, parents, and consultants when emergency services are needed. The Sojourn International Transition Inn-Residence is a transitional place for students having a difficult time with the structured and sometimes confining world of the private school. When a student needs to leave campus, either between programs, or due to suspension, chemical or psychological issues, Sojourn International can provide an “extended family atmosphere” to help make the transition a positive experience. “We are here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…Whatever the duration, we work with the school to keep assignments up to date and we have tutors who can assist in any subject.” They use the University of Nebraska’s Distance Education program, as others, so that a student can “do a semester’s work in about 6 – 8 weeks.”

S.I. can also arrange for professional drug screening, toxicology exams and psychological evaluations while the student is “Inn-Residence,” and their professional staff can help the student examine present options and future choices. For students needing to address chemical or psychological issues before moving on, SI has “strong ties with local therapists and Maine General Medical Center’s Adolescent Rehab. Unit.” S.I. can go to the student and provide pickup and delivery in a timely fashion to almost anywhere in the country, or can help arrange public transportation to and from home and school. “S.I. is a safe, caring place” where the “extended family atmosphere allows the student to relax and regroup, before taking on the next challenge.”

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