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Quotes - Oct, 2002 Issue 

Regardless of the problem parents are always part of the solution. It can't just be turned over to a professional
Dr. Cliff Johannsen, Ph.D. Woodbury Reports, #66, Mar 00
Society is composed of persons who cannot design, build, repair or even operate most of the devices upon which their lives depend...In the complexity of this world people are confronted with extraordinary events and functions that are literally unintelligible to them. They are unable to give an adequate explanation of man-made phenomena in their immediate experience. They are unable to form a coherent, rational picture of the whole. Under the circumstances, all persons do, and indeed must, accept a great number of things on faith...Their way of understanding is basically religious, rather than scientific...
Landon Winner
Autonomous technology: Technics-Out-of-Control
Popular psychology uses generic language that reduces people to slogans and categories.
Mary Pipher,
The Shelter of Each Other
The so-called traumatic experience is not an accident, but the opportunity for which the child has been patiently waiting -- had it not occurred, it would have found another, equally trivial --in order to find a necessity and direction for its existence, in order that its life many become a serious matter.
W.H. Auden
There are certain fundamental requisites for wise and resolute democratic leadership. It must build on hope, not on fear; on honesty, not on falsehood; on justice, not on injustice; on public tranquility, not on violence; on freedom, not on enslavement.
Edmund Ezra Day
Find me a child that is not properly disciplined and I will show you a child not properly loved.
Robert L. Kramer MD
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