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New Perspectives - Jan, 2002 Issue #89 

  Cedar Ridge Academy &
Cedar Ridge ROOTS
Roosevelt, Utah
Pam Nielson, Admissions Director

Cedar Ridge, a residential treatment center in Roosevelt, Utah that has been operating since 1996, has recently developed two new components of their program offerings: Cedar Ridge Academy and Cedar Ridge ROOTS.

Although “Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is still the core of the treatment program,” they are establishing the Cedar Ridge Academy as a transitional school. Located in Vernal, Utah, 40 miles east of Cedar Ridge, it is designed to serve students who are still actively engaged in treatment, but who have earned the right to a less restrictive setting. They are accepting applications at this time, with plans to open in February 2002. All students who enroll in the Academy must spend at least 30 days on the Roosevelt campus, so that staff can determine their readiness. Students who need therapy but whose behavior does not warrant residential treatment may be appropriate for admission to the Academy. “It will emphasize academics, offering accredited courses, diplomas, and other educational services, with therapy in a more supportive role. Students will contract to adhere to a strict honor and integrity code. Violation of this code may result in transfer to the RTC.”

The ROOTS program is designed for students who are floundering in Cedar Ridge’s regular program, and those who “seem to need an intermediate intervention at the time of admission.” This program focuses primarily on developing a working relationship between staff and students. It provides more achievable goals, thus promoting the student’s feeling of personal achievement. The ROOTS program utilizes a team concept whereby the group is encouraged to work together to earn various privileges. The staff ratio is higher than in the regular program to provide a greater mentoring opportunity and a higher level of behavioral monitoring. While it parallels a typical wilderness program at a more reasonable cost, it is still appropriate for students who are runaway risks, to attend a therapeutic wilderness program first. Students placed in the ROOTS program remain there until they complete the requirements to enter Cedar Ridge RTC on Level 600.

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