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New Perspectives - Jan, 2002 Issue #89 

Lotts’ Legacy Youth Program
Escalante, Utah
Emilee Lott

Bridges – Lotts’ Legacy Youth Program is a transitional program that is “unique in it’s location.” It is designed for students who have successfully completed a long term or residential treatment program and need an opportunity to “practice” their new learned behaviors and attitudinal changes. It was developed in response to the needs of “treated troubled youth,” who, upon returning home, struggle with their feelings of low self-esteem, feeling left out from being “behind” their peers in school courses, and who feel unsure about how to incorporate their new attitudes and behaviors. Not only are they vulnerable to succumbing to pressures of those who prey on labeled “troubled youth”, the return home to family is also challenging. Many times it causes youth to experience even greater pressure than before because of real or imagined communication barriers and their recently altered attitudes and behaviors. BRIDGES is structured to address these potential problem areas. The program is not appropriate for students requiring daily medication or restraints.

This youth program led by “seasoned, master-level trained and experienced educators and entrepreneurs. Bridges uses the philosophy of the “whole child” focusing on mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual aspects of life, and offers practical opportunities to apply new skills learned. There are six essential components to the Bridges program: personal maintenance, family-team living, academics, community service, entrepreneurial experience and career preparation, and equine experience.

The nurturing atmosphere is “enhanced” by low student numbers, family-living environment, community acceptance and recognition, individual mentoring and problem-based learning in the academic arena, and opportunities each day to progress towards full potential of personal/spiritual values, and career goals.

“BRIDGES is established on the foundations of old-fashioned, life- tested and true Christian values and standards of integrity, respect, responsibility, and quality work, and thus provides a valid “field test” — and more — for troubled youth before their “launch” back into their own real life.”

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