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New Perspectives - September, 2001 Issue #85 

Monarch School
Heron, Montana
Ranel Hanson, Admissions

The Monarch School is located in Heron, Montana, just over the Idaho border, on 160 scenic acres. This “value-driven, educational, creative arts boarding school is dedicated to the academic success and the healthy development of character. The eighteen-month curriculum encompasses the whole person, nurturing the emotional, intellectual, physical and creative development of each student through academics, creative arts, character development, work and wilderness experiences.”

Their “multiple curricula” is designed to help students “redefine and find new motivation for their direction in life …based on the values of integrity, joy, persistence and love. The well-being and personal transformation of each student is the thread that runs throughout the entire program. Whether through the Suzuki method of violin, expression in watercolor, sculpture in clay or movement in drama, children become engaged in the exploration and discovery of themselves.”

Monarch school will begin its first academic term in mid-September, and is accepting male and female students 14-17 years old, who are “bright, creative and until recently, seemed to have a bright future. Monarch students may have experienced some of the following: negative change in personality, negative peer relationships, lack of motivation, low self esteem, prior counseling, truancy, dishonesty, divorce, adoption, death/loss, ADD or ADHD.

Founder, Patrick McKenna explains “Living within a culture of honesty and principles, where dreams can become a reality, is a gift that was given to me by compassionate people as I struggled with being a teen. Touched by these people and experiences, I’ve spent 20 years following a dream to expand these insights and share the gift with others.” Program Director, Tim Earle, has worked extensively in alternative education and is pleased to continue his mission of helping others learn to accept and love themselves, while living his dream of touching people through the Arts. Academic Director, Ron Mendenhall, has degrees in Health, Physical Education, Psychology, and Special Education. He has worked with children for nearly 10 years in various programs, with specialized training in learning disabilities, emotional and impulse control issues and academic challenges.

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