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New Perspectives - August, 2001 Issue #84 

Transitional Home-Placement
Kalispell, Montana
Carol Hopwood, LCSW

Transitional Home-Placement is intended to fill a specific niche for to two young women, ages 17-21, who are transitioning out of a therapeutic program but are not quite ready for independent living. This uniquely individualized, three-nine month family home-placement is appropriate for girls who have either completed residential treatment, have graduated or are preparing to graduate from high school, have enrolled in an educational program and/or work in the community. They must possess the potential and desire to live independently, have developed the emotional maturity and skills necessary to pursue personal, educational and vocational goals, have a willingness to participate and receive professional support, and/or are continuing with therapeutic follow up.

This program was formed “as a result of co-workers identifying a need for this type of service at the critical period of transition from residential treatment to independent living.” Both girls will receive the “highly individualized attention and support that they need.” The household conducts its home life in a way typical to families, sharing responsibilities of daily chores, participating in family meals, school and community activities and sports, membership at a health club, and vacations. By design, the program tries to avoid an over stimulating life style and frantic pace.

It is located in Kalispell, Montana, where the “friendly rural atmosphere offers an abundance of services and opportunities.” The single-family house is in a safe, friendly neighborhood, within walking distance to community activities, less than a 15 minute walk from the local high school, the city center, and Woodland Park with a swimming pool and sports complex.

This licensed therapeutic foster home is operated by Carol Hopwood, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has over 20 years of experience helping adolescents and their families. In addition to 15 years of private counseling and consulting practice, she has also developed community emotional growth and self-esteem programs for adults and youth.

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