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New Perspectives - August, 2001 Issue #84 

Rivendell Academy
Whiterocks, Utah
Lorin Ward, Administrator

Rivendell Academy, a new transitional boarding school for high school boys, scheduled to open August 20th, has as its primary goals to: 1) “provide a safe, secure haven where a boy can improve himself academically and personally without fear; 2) provide the materials, personnel and resources to do so; 3) prepare the whole person for life’s challenges and opportunities; 4) provide students with the opportunity to learn responsibility, both for their choices and actions and for the welfare of their fellow man.” The typical student will be a graduate of a treatment center or a highly structured specialty school.

Located in a home-like setting at the foot of the High Unitah Mountains, 25 miles northeast of Roosevelt, Utah, this peaceful environment is intended to help students concentrate on healing and learning. In this environment influences coming into the school can also be better controlled.

Students in addition to their academic subjects, will participate in all aspects of the home, yard, and animals, helping to cook nutritious meals designed by trained nutritionists, help both individually and in teams, with indoor and outdoor chores involving the plants and animals. Students will also participate in work and service projects, both around the Rivendell property and in the nearby communities.

Rivendell Academy realizes its students will have a variety of interests, inclinations, and aptitudes, and is “equipped to strengthen and reinforce a strong base in reading and math skills at all levels.” Their accredited secondary school curriculum includes English, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Math through Pre- calculus, Art, Computers/Keyboarding, General Physical Science, Health/Nutrition, and Spanish. Remedial Math and Language Arts, as well as GED/ACT/SAT Preparation are also available. All subjects will be monitored but self-paced with regularly scheduled instructor time. Many more courses are planned as Rivendell Academy expands, including: Classical Literature, Animal Husbandry, Practical Horticulture, Personal Management, Accounting, Wood Working, Auto, Welding, Cooking, and other practical, vocational and life skills courses.

Rivendell Academy will be accepting a limited number of new students beginning August 20, 2001. Once classes have started, there will be an open enrollment based on available space as the facilities expand.

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