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News & Views - August, 2001 Issue #84

PRESS RELEASE...   July 25, 2001


[Brown School’s new acting Chief Operations Officer, Sherry Thornton, issued the following statement regarding management reorganization efforts to strengthen the quality of each of CEDU’s individual schools. As part of the reorganization effort, CEDU’s former COO, Dan Krabacher, has vacated his position.]

“In recent months I have been made aware of concerns on behalf of a growing number of educational consultants, as well as staff and parents, regarding the need for increased focus within the individual CEDU boarding schools. I want you to know that I have heard the message. It is my personal objective and commitment to you, our parents, and our students to have strong, independent schools that are clearly distinct. We are continuing to move forward by investing in the quality of our schools and programs, staff, facilities, and methods of communication. Throughout the process, it has become clear that in order to accomplish this goal, we must make changes in the corporate structure of CEDU. We have a number of layers that interfere with our mission, which is certainly not acceptable to you or to us. And so, we have taken action designed to rectify this situation.

Please know that I have assumed operational responsibilities formerly held by Dan Krabacher. This change will combine several layers of oversight management into one so that the communication and focus is centered with our heads of schools and programs.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak with consultants, staff, students, and parents about what is needed for us to continue to provide outstanding academic and emotional growth services at CEDU. In the months to come, you can expect to see the evidence of our commitment to focus on each individual school for the benefit of the students you have entrusted to our care.

All of us at CEDU will be working diligently to carry out our mission. Should you have questions, please feel free to call me directly at (901) 212-2271/cell or (901) 312-7940/office or via e- mail at sthornton@brownschools.com. As always, you are welcome to call Katie Jochum at (800) 990-2338 or Beth Laughlin at (800) 884- 2338.

Warmest regards,
Sherry Thornton
Chief Operations Officer
The Brown Schools”

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