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Quotes - May, 2001 Issue 


Effective prevention recognizes that we can guide teenage experimentation, or we can force them to hide it from us, but we can't stop them from trying adult habits.
- Mike Males, Two-Fisted Double Standards,
Youth Today, June 2000, P. 54
Few sons in a city culture learn to fuse instinctive aggression with the pleasure of hard physical work.
Parenting: The process of an adult's cerebral cortex controlling a child's limbic system while teaching the child's cerebral cortex the vital importance of controlling its own limbic system.
The best acquisition a man can make is the kindness and affection of his own family; command and fear are no longer his weapons.
Montaigne, Essays II, Chapter 8
A goal of the legal system is to foster self-control by stigmatizing and punishing its absence.
- James Q. Wilson, MORAL JUDGMENT

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