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New Perspectives - May, 2001 Issue #81 

 Triumph Youth Services
South Ogden, Utah
[New Perspective] 

Triumph Youth Services manages a unique spectrum of services “rarely found in one company”, including educational curriculum, equine therapy and training, wilderness expeditions, ranch living, group residential living, individual, family, and substance abuse therapy, recreational athletic opportunities, vocational training, cultural development, community service learning, and aftercare components. They accept boys and girls ages 12-18+, and work with each youth and their families to determine which combination of these components can most effectively and efficiently meet the needs of individual clients. The programs are presented in an environment of accountability, social responsibility, empathy, and hard work “that help the youth develop a more positive and healthy self-image.”

Triumph offers complete educational programs, serving grades 7th through 12th, with vocational and college courses available for those students who are older than 17 and wish to begin earning college credits. The classrooms are small, and each student is assessed to determine which education plan they need to get “back on track, or continue on track, to be successful in academics as they are learning other life skills.”

A group of clinicians offer individual, group and family therapy, drawing from various therapeutic models including structural, reality, rational-emotive, and solution-focused. “Change is sought not only with the youth but with the family, to ensure a healthy transition back into the home.”

Triumph Youth Services offers a 21-day wilderness program designed to challenge individual barriers and personal issues, an equine therapy program, as well as an intensive residential treatment program, called Triumph Expeditions. Youth admitted to the Triumph Expeditions program typically present with one or more of the following conditions: oppositional defiance, conduct disorder, ADD, poor school performance, substance abuse, depression, low self- esteem, and/or negative peer affiliation. The program usually takes anywhere from 5-10 months to successfully complete, “depending on the motivation and needs of the individual.”

Triumph has also developed an aftercare component to help youth maintain the changes and growth made during residential treatment. These services include individual residential care in mentor or foster homes, family based residential care in mini group homes, as well as individual, group, and family therapy and supervised family activities. They also do tracking and offer administrative services. The staff works to “ensure that the youth is ready to return to the community and has the skills necessary to become a more positive, contributing member of society.”

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