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New Perspectives - May, 2001 Issue #81 

 Elk Ridge Home
Sweet, Idaho
Kevin Bernatz, Chief Administrator
[New Perspective] 

Elk Ridge Home, is the latest development of Madsen Alternative Therapeutic Resources, founded by Travis Madsen in 1996. Elk Ridge Home opened April 1, 2001, operating under the umbrella of Liberty Canyon Boys Ranch, with the goal of providing a home-style, secure environment for male youth who need responsibility, insight, and structure. Designed for young men ages 12 through 17 years of age, it offers the fresh start that many of them are seeking. 

It is located in Sweet, Idaho, in a “wonderful rustic setting where ranches and wilderness meet. This wholesome, rural environment promotes young men’s pursuit of positive values. A spacious log home and acreage are a solid setting for the development of work ethics, convictions, and goals.” They maintain a “large garden plot, grounds, and animals which bolster the opportunities to develop responsibility.”

The program asserts that “a sense of purpose and belonging is the greatest catalyst for life changes, and our goal is to provide both, in a secure and supportive environment.” Owner, Travis Madsen, began working for the Idaho State Department of Juvenile Corrections, remaining there for seven years. He believed that the “internalization of positive values and morals must precede true and lasting change.” In July of 1996 he developed his own company based on these ideas, with the assistance of “exceptional licensed counselors and qualified staff and instructors.” Through their assistance they have “earned the respect of colleagues, agencies, and families while boasting one of the lowest recidivism rates in the state.”

Services include individual counseling, group therapy, TFAC (Thinking for a Change), Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Family Nurturing, and Academic Services. Their capacity is currently 18 students. “With this limited enrollment, it would be of mutual benefit to call as far in advance of placement as possible. 

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