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Seen 'n Heard - Apr  2001 Issue (page 1).

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(August 16, 2000) Ken Cozzens announced his new position as Director of Business Development and Managed Care for the Center for Change in Orem, Utah, 801-224-8255, www.centerforchange.com, info@www.centerforchange.com. Cozzens left Provo Canyon School to take this opportunity with Center for Change. The program is adding residential treatment to their current level of care, expanding their capacity to 62 beds. The Center focuses exclusively on the treatment of eating disorders. 

(November 21, 2000) Kees de Vente, M.Div., Spiritual Coordinator, Hidden Lake Academy, Dahlonega, Georgia, 706-864-4730, hiddenlakeacademy@alltel.net, http://www.hiddenlakeacademy.com, announced 33 out of 55 special needs schools responded to the questionnaires they circulated to assess official attitudes toward spirituality on the various campuses. 64% indicated “spirituality is a component of their program,” 29% of those held formal services weekly on campus, 43% held services at least monthly, 90% had students who attended services at local churches/synagogues, 48% reported students active in local church/community activities including youth groups, and 29% have a Spiritual Coordinator/Chaplain on campus. A full copy of the results can be obtained from Hidden Lake Academy. 

(November 20, 2000) Chuck Selent, Director of North Idaho Transports, based in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, stopped by Woodbury Reports Inc. 

HUNTER SCHOOL SEEKING TO ENROLL GIRLS (November 30, 2000) Jeffrey Pettee, Headmaster of The Hunter School, Rumney, New Hampshire, 603-786-9427, a school for young children with “ADD, ADHD and other related conditions,” announced they are now starting to reach out to encourage the enrollment of girls. Up to this point they have had only boys in their school.

(January 29, 2001) Dana Cox, MSW, safeguardas@earthlink.net, 916-974-0283, Carmichael, California, announced the formation of SAFEGUARD Adolescent Services for the Escort, Recovery & Interventions for Troubled Adolescents. 

(January 31, 2001) Jodi Tuttle, Founder and Director of Academy at Cedar Mountain, Cedar City, Utah, 435-867-5555, info@cedar-mountain.com, www.cedar- mountain.com, announced that their first graduation occurred in December. During the same month, they received full academic accreditation by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, the standard accrediting agency for schools throughout most of the West. Tuttle also announced two “Knowledge Treks” scheduled for this summer. The Grand Circle will sweep through Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, from June 1 to June 28th. The other Knowledge Trek that will travel through Mexico, is scheduled from June 2nd through June 29th. 

(February 28, 2001) James Spiro, Director of Admissions for The Phelps School, Malvern, Pennsylvania, 610-644- 1754, announced their five-week summer program. Designed “for young men who need encouragement and/or remediation in Language Arts, reading and math,” it will run from July 1 to August 3, 2001. 

(March 1, 2001) Guy LeGuyonne, Admissions for Bridges Academy for Boys, Bend, Oregon, 888-283- 7362, announced the completion of a Climbing Wall that spans a height two stories. J. Huffine, Ph.D., will use it to facilitate ongoing experiential initiatives. Shanda Hinkle, formerly the head of field operations at SageWalk, The Outdoor School, has transferred to Bridges Academy. Shanda has more than six years of experience in positive peer culture and wilderness therapy. 

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