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Seen 'n Heard - Mar  2001 Issue (page 1).

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(February 15, 2001) Scott Bandoroff, Peak Experience, Bend Oregon, 541-318-0955, peakexperience@bendnet.com, announced Facilitation on the Edge: A Five Day Advanced Facilitation Training for Adventure-Based Professionals. The training dates for will be June 6-10 in Northern Virginia, and July 13-17 in Portland, Oregon. The sessions will be facilitated by Dr. Scott Bandoroff and Dr. Christian Itin, 716-473-4994, http://double_black_diamond.tripod.com. 

(February 16, 2001) Jared Balmer, Executive Director of Island View, A Residential Treatment Center for Adolescents in Syracuse, Utah, 801-773-0200, was overheard saying they finally replaced their “old, inaccurate, outdated, and tacky brochure” with a new more complete and better looking one. He also announced they have updated their Parent Manual. Either or both can be obtained by contacting Island View directly at the above phone number. I especially recommend the introduction to the Parenting Manual, which is an excellent discussion on the traps facing parents with children in a residential program, and why and how certain parent reactions can undermine success.

(February 17, 2001) Steve Long, Director of Crater Lake School, Sprague River, Oregon, 541-533- 2279, clsranch@mcsi.net, reported all their staff have been re- certified in First Aid and CPR, through the American Red Cross. Rick Synder, Program Director, has received training as a CPI Instructor, which has allowed him to train the entire Crater Lake staff in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. They also have a working relationship with the Behavioral Management Center in Boise, Idaho, which has enabled Crater Lake to successfully work with clients with neuropsychological issues. They are remaining consistently close to their full capacity of 25 students. 

(February 19, 2001) Rebecca J. Plona, Director of Admissions at King George School, Sutton, Vermont, 802-467-1200, Admissionskgs@hotmail.com, announced Heather Roeder will be joining Plona to help with admissions, replacing Sarah Creel Hake who has moved to another part of the state. 

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