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Opinion & Essays - Mar, 2001 Issue #79 

Student Poem
By John Blanton
Trout Creek, Montana 

If you have ever experienced the relief, clarity, and serenity of being out in the mountains and away from society then you will understand this poem. If not, I encourage strongly that you get away from it all; the distractions, being on time for everything, having to think so hard about every choice, and wondering what other people think of you instead of how you feel about yourself. The feeling that you get from getting away can hardly be described and it is different for everyone, all there is to do is experience: 

I walked up here to write a rhyme 
To get away lose track of time 
I came to this place to hide out for a while 
Kick back, relax, and walk an internal mile 
To think about thinking to write about words 
To capture myself alone undisturbed 
Needing to feel how I should and know what I mean 
Wanting to find my truth discovering my dream 
Feeling my heart and breathing with my soul 
Seizing each moment swallowing them whole 
To love myself To be myself Spiritually free 
Finding the faces of the feelings I am Just to be 

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