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New Perspectives - Mar, 2001 Issue #79 

 Riverview School
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Janet M. Lavoie Admissions Director 

[New Perspective] 

Riverview School is an independent residential secondary school whose goal is “to provide the students with the vocational, academic and social skills that will ensure success in post- secondary programs and/or gainful productive employment.” Its typical students are “a naive, gentle population” aged 11 through the early 20’s whose IQ scores range from 70 to 100 with a primary diagnosis of a learning disability and /or language disorder. These students are neither retarded nor bright dyslexics. Riverview currently has 115 students in its secondary program and 52 students in its post-secondary vocational and life skills program 

Classes are based on each student’s individual skill level. Each student receives two hours of language arts, one hour of math, one hour of social studies, one hour of science and an elective class daily. The academic material is presented via a “thematic” approach to allow students to better generalize and comprehend the material they are studying. All students have an opportunity to participate in interscholastic sports, including cross country, soccer, basketball, swimming, track and field, tennis, softball, and golf. Riverview also offers a fully accredited transitional component for those families who are planning on withholding their child’s high school diploma in order to continue their child’s education. 

The boys and girls at Riverview are divided into teams based on their abilities. There are 13 to 24 students in each group. Each team is assigned to a Head Teacher who is helped by two or three additional instructors. An advisor who coordinates parental contact oversees each team. This unique service delivery system provides students with a “state-of-the-art” curriculum and program. The majority of class time is spent among small sub- groups. 

In order to apply to Riverview School, a completed application form must be submitted that includes: an individual intelligence test, psychological report, personality assessment, achievement tests, developmental and educational history, medical and neurological information (if appropriate), 3 personal references, an processing fee. Then the school arranges and interview with the parents and a three-day visit at the school for the applicant. 

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