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New Perspectives - Mar, 2001 Issue #79 

424 Sherman Avenue #208
Coeur díAlene, ID 83814-4045
(208) 667-6006
[Submitted by Rob Spear]

[New Perspectives] 

SquareOne provides an innovative program strategy for families of troubled teens.† The program design incorporates family therapy; family coaching; and parenting education as well as clinical assessment; wilderness experiential education; and individual therapy for the adolescent in trouble. 

Developed by three very experienced leaders in the field of experiential education, SquareOne initiatedservices March 1st. l Rob Spear, formerly the Chief Operating Officer of CEDU (before the Brown School purchase,) serves as CEO. l Larry Blakey who has formerly managed wilderness experiential programs for Ascent in Idaho, On Track in Texas, and VisionQuest in Arizona will direct the experiential program. l Mary Sims, currently State of Nevada, Clinical Services Coordinator for Adolescent Outpatient Services and previously Clinical Services Coordinator for CEDUís Northern Idaho long-term programs will return to Idaho to direct the therapeutic services for adolescents as well as the family intervention element of the program. All three are very excited about the intersection of state of the art wilderness treatment and the established research regarding the necessity of family therapy for long-term success of emotionally troubled adolescents. 

The program is intended as an early intervention and will serve as a bridge to other outpatient or residential services the family may need. However, it will also be able to serve long-term emotional growth programs with those youth whose family issues may be blocking effective progress and who need an intensive family intervention to assist them to move forward in their current program.† In any case, parents and siblings will have the opportunity to reconnect in a new and meaningful way with the child enrolled in SquareOne and also with each other.† Each member of the family will have the opportunity to engage in experiential activities and in self-exploration as the enrolled child works through issues on experiential course in Northern Idaho. 

The initial program phase culminates in a three-day family workshop process that is unique in experiential education.† This workshop will afford the opportunity to address identified family issues and begin the healing process before moving back into the home community or into longer term residential process. The goal of the program is to insure that the core family issues are identified and become open for dialogue within the family before the child leaves the initial program phase. 

Follow-up family coaching is available to families in their home communities or as ancillary support to families whose child will be in residential care following the experiential process with SquareOne. 

Consultants and parents are invited to contact SquareOne at the above address and phone number for more detailed information and admission applications. 

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