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New Perspectives - Feb, 2001 Issue #78 

Supervised Lifestyles
Brewster, New York
Al Berman
[New Perspective] 

Supervised Lifestyles is one of the many programs offered through SLS Health, Behavioral Health Care (888-8-CARE-4U). Not only do they offer Multicare Therapy programs for young adults as well as for mature adults, they also maintain an online web magazine (www.slshealth.com), an e-mail therapist, Telecom Therapy, Self- Guided Therapy Programs and Chat Therapy. Their MultiCare Specialty Areas of Therapy include: Mentorship Self-Help Therapy (for personality Disorders), Recovery Plus/Control the Impulse (for addictions), Feel Right (for Mood Disorders), Primary Healing (for Psychotic Disorders) Recovery Plus/Serenity (for Eating Disorders) as well as what they call “Job Keep,” for Career Problems. 

The young adult program is designed for young adults ages 17 to 26. It is designed to help with depression, substance abuse, psychosis, borderline personality disorder or similar psychological problems that prevent productive, happy lives. 

The Young Adult program provides a “structured and practical form of therapy. Each patient receives an individualized program of care in a non-hospital, homelike environment.” The staff is “energetic, friendly and caring.” Their treatment program is based in part on a book entitled The Angry Heart, written by Dr. Santoro, who is the co-founder of SLS Health. He is an expert in the treatment of personality disorders and substance problems. 

The Young Adult program includes: 24 hour supervision and support, Medication therapy, Behavior modification, Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Preference therapy, Vocational Guidance, Job placement, Educational Tutoring, Nutritional Guidance, Life skills training, Psychological skills training such as assertiveness, and biofeedback therapy. 

They claim to “have an excellent success rate and have turned many young people around.” Their program cost in some cases is covered by insurance. 

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