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New Perspectives - Feb, 2001 Issue #78 

 Guidepost Adolescent Services
Ellwood Crowell – Director
Gooding, Idaho
[New Perspective]

Guidepost Adolescent Services is a transport agency that is experienced in escorting children in crisis to a school or program. The agents act as role models, taking “personal interest” in providing a supportive experience to ease the apprehension of changing environments. 

Guidepost coordinates all travel arrangements, including transportation and lodging, so the parents are able to focus their energy on the child in crisis. A Guidepost coordinator can assist parents in understanding the methods used by an escort to safely guide their child to and from boarding schools, wilderness programs, and therapeutic placements. 

The agents at Guidepost are licensed and insured, have a minimum of 3 years in adolescent-related fields, are certified in non- violent crisis intervention training, and have extensive in-house training. The staff is sensitive in supporting families concerned with a child who may attempt to manipulate and/or inflict guilt in order to undermine their parent’s decision. Guidepost focuses upon the importance of finding the precise agent-to-child match, to effect a trouble-free transition for the child. Agents will provide immediate assistance, a caring transition, respect and compassion. 

Guidepost believes “the preservation of family should be a primary mission in today’s ever-changing society. Parents strive to create a safe, loving environment for their children, yet this is not always enough. When parents are faced with the difficult decision of intervention for their child, Guidepost provides families with professional transportation.” Their motto: “Give: Respect, Honesty & Trust; Receive: Trust, Honesty & Respect.”

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