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New Perspectives - November, 2001 Issue #87 

Penrith Farms
Newport, Washington
Jim Brewster - Owner

Penrith Farms is a 12-month program for young adults ages 18-26, who exhibit social, emotional and behavioral problems.  The students at Penrith have exhibited one or more of the following behaviors: drug/alcohol abuse, distressed family relationships, irresponsibility, lack of motivation, lack of realistic goals, poor judgment, ineffective communication skills, defiance, and/or emancipation issues.

Penrith Farms began operating as a specialized therapeutic facility in Eastern Washington in 1983.  Located on 280 acres of timber and farmland, Penrith Farms is “an ideal setting for young men and women to make the transition into adulthood.”  It is based on the philosophy that the acquisition of life skills and honest, effective communication is a key to success. At Penrith Farms, young adults are presented with “a variety of experiences and challenges that will inspire them to make the transition through Communication, Cooperation and Completion.”

Penrith Farms teaches life skills that include learning the benefit of a positive work ethic, developing effective communication skills and accountability. They also learn to budget money, plan and shop for meals, maintain their personal living environment and becoming proactive rather than reactive regarding the outcome of their decision and thinking process.

Penrith Farms operates a 50’x25' state of the art greenhouse with year round, apprentice opportunities to learn about their food production business, Small Planet Tofu. They also have a fully equipped woodshop that is supervised by a journeyman carpenter and cabinetmaker. There are also recreational opportunities available at Penrith Farms, including canoeing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, basketball, and a hand built sweat lodge.  Off campus activities are available once a level of trust is established, including access to a health club, performing arts and art center, and other cultural and recreational opportunities throughout the Spokane area.

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