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Seen 'n Heard - Jan, 2001 Issue (page 1) 

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(December 2000) The Small Boarding Schools Association (SBSA) will hold its 15th annual conference at Blue Ridge School March 15-17, 2001. The SBSA serves as a forum for boarding schools with an enrollment of 200 or less. Information can be obtained from Keith Corlew at 440-275-2811.

(November 2000) Greg Kersten, of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), Santaquin, Utah, 877-858-4600, equine@eagala.org, reports there are now 310 members in the association, including 52 organizational members. He also announced their second annual conference will be March 15-17 in Amarillo, Texas.

(December 2000) Mary Alexine and Kenny Pannell, of Chrysalis, chrysalis@homer.libby.org, 406-889-5577, a small all-girls program in Eureka, Montana, reported in an end of the year letter, that over the last year they completed a new guest cabin, and added five acres to their property to accommodate their horses, which increased from three to six. The trip many of the girls took to Yucatan, Mexico was considered a smashing success, and the Glacier National Park Service raved over the way the girls cleared several miles of trail along beautiful Bowman Lake in the Park’s remote northwest corner.

(December 11, 2001) Kreg Gillman, Executive Dir. of Aspen Ranch, Loa, Utah, 877-231-0734, announced the Ranch’s Admissions Department is moving out of the town of Loa, Utah and will instead be housed on the Ranch. Becky Brown will be the new Admissions director, and Linda Summers will be an Admissions counselor.

HOPPER AND IRVIN FEATURED IN WASH. POST (December 14, 2000) Independent Educational Consultants Ethna Hopper, Wash. D.C., 202-333-3530, and Georgia Irvin, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 301-951-0131, were featured in an article in the Washington Post entitled: “Teacher Says: Put Wild child in the Woods.” Several programs were mentioned positively including CEDU’s Ascent in North Idaho and Alldredge Academy in West Virginia.

(December 17, 2000) Writer Charles Siebert, writing for the New York Times Magazine, in the article “Sentenced to Nature” reports on his trip to Redcliff Ascent in Utah to follow up national news stories about several youth who had run away from the program some months ago. He wanted to see what the program was about. Sounding like a city-dweller who doesn’t really understand either the life of these teens before being enrolled at Redcliff Ascent, or life in wilderness areas, he describes some of his observations without shedding much light on changes the young people go through or how it is done.

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