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New Perspectives - Jan, 2001 Issue #77 

[This is an outdated New Perspective.
The school declared bankrupcy and closed it's doors in 2003.
Please see Seen N Heard May 2003 for more information. www.strugglingteens.com/archives/2003/5/may03seennheard.html]

Sutherlin, Virginia
Bob Gluhareff, CEO

Wellspring Academy is a Christian boarding school for at-risk teen boys owned and operated by The Religious and Educational Institute of Raleigh, Inc. Director Bob Gluhareff, a family counselor, founded the academy fifteen years ago in response to his frustration from watching kids with problems struggle in school programs that didn’t work. 

The academy offers a structured setting that combines academics, religion and individual counseling on a 510-acre farm. The property also hosts leadership retreats for business people, law enforcement officers and others, using some of the same leadership principles the young boys learn in the academy. Gluhareff asserts its small numbers are part of the secret of their success, having 50 to 60 boys between the ages of 12 and 21 at any one time. 

Each boy has a personal role model or mentor, who traditionally are those “who have progressed to a level in their program at which they have served as an example of leadership and growth to their fellow students.” The school calls this a “Wounded Healer” Program. 

Academics are geared to each child’s strengths, adapted to each boy’s individual style of learning, focusing on areas of need. College classes are offered on campus “which enables students to earn up to 50 college credits during their stay and when appropriate, the student can earn both high school and college credit for his academic work. 

Wellspring hosts an Institute of Leadership, which they have adapted into their Wellspring Institute of Leadership, Jr., for the students attending the academy. It is designed to develop “leadership skills, mentoring skills, and motivational skills.” This starts conceptually with ten decisions a potential leader must make. Exercises are then used to practice implementing those decisions. by exercises to them. Students also practice their leadership skills doing community service, which helps to make a difference in the lives of others. Gluhareff and the staff consider Wellspring to be “Truly a Renaissance School…. With an opportunity for each young man to be exposed to what the Ancient Greeks called the ‘Greek Total Man,’ Wellspring allows its well- educated staff to rechannel your son’s energy into productive endeavors that will help him grow educationally, spiritually, leadership-wise, and emotionally.”

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