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News & Views - Jan, 2001 Issue (page 1).

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(October 12, 2000) The web site for the CBS News program, 48 Hours, reports on a trial of a daughter and her boy friend for the murder of the daughter’s single mother occurring ten days before the daughter was to be enrolled in a one-year program for troubled teens. The overwhelming implication is that the story would have ended much differently if the mother had acted two weeks earlier.

REALLY BIG GUYS RESTRAIN YOUTH VIOLENCE (November 25, 2000) Science News, p. 341, reports about young adolescent male elephants living in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa in a predominantly adolescent world. After rampaging for several years, killing more than 40 white rhinos, the adolescent males settled down when six full-grown bull African elephants were introduced into the herd. “Biologists say the way to stop killing sprees by male juvenile delinquents is to bring in older males, at least if you’re dealing with elephants.”

(December 2000) Jane Boyd, Houston, Texas, 713-334-3370, is the founder and writer of a series of booklets as a partial answer to the question “What Can YOU do to help Struggling Teens?” The booklets are in the form of letters a mom might write to her children as they struggle to grow up. They are circulated with the idea parents could give their child any letters that express what they are trying to say. Samples and full information can be found on her web site.

(December 10, 2000) The Seattle Times series starting December 10th, focuses on the rapid increase of philanthropic giving to schools. Special emphasis was placed on the State of Washington where donations have been received from Bill Gates and Microsoft. The American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel estimated Americans donated $27.5 billion to education, which is up 8.5% from last year. It points out that the “philanthropists are more strategic, and want a return for their donated dollars in the form of improved education”

PUBLIC SCHOOLS PROMOTE SUBURBAN SPRAWL (December 10, 2000) The Salt Lake Tribune, discusses the criticism expressed by some experts that “schools are a top offender in pushing development farther afield.” They point out that requirements for school buildings tend to favor building in undeveloped fields, creating schools that are no longer community schools; their distance from homes causes children and parents to participate less in school activities.

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