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News & Views - Sept  2000 Issue #73

In Memory of a Beloved Professional

I R V I N W . K A T Z
(1922 - 2000)

Irvin W. Katz was a noted pioneer in the field of educational consulting. In private practice since 1962, Irv was a founding member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. He was a knowledgeable professional who possessed a great understanding of the world of schools and youngsters, and he maintained a stellar reputation throughout his career. He was also known as a wonderful mentor to other consultants, always generous with his time, experience and perspective. 

Irv will always be remembered as a true gentleman, full of integrity and compassion. His wisdom and guidance have touched countless students and parents spanning through two generations. It was not uncommon to hear people ask about the date of his retirement, but what many failed to realize was that educational consulting was not work for him. It was a fulfillment of a life passion for helping others achieve their potential. He gave many people direction when they had none, and gave many parents hope when they faced bleak situations with their children. For this reason, many are eternally grateful. 

Irv always stressed and made it a point to mention — and he actually repeated this recently — that no one should put limitations on a child, because no one has the right. In many instances he was successful in placing students that were facing many closed doors, but Irv was always determined to find one that would open. 

In the words of his dear friend and colleague Robert Kantar at a recent IECA luncheon, ‘The Irvin Katz that I know demonstrates in every way the ideals of a good consultant. You show great affection for the families you serve. You study each case with all the skill and knowledge only experience and wisdom bring to the meeting. You openly explore options with your colleagues, always humble, polite, and generous.” 

We have all been touched by Irvin Katz’s generosity, guidance, and wisdom, and we are privileged to carry on his memory and labors through the years. The profession has lost an admired and respected colleague. He will be missed. 

Amanda Gonzalez
Assistant to Irvin W. Katz  

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