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Seen 'n Heard - Mar, 2000 Issue (page 2)

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(February 8, 2000) Allen Cardoza, President of West Shield Adolescent Services, Huntington Beach, CA, 800-899-8585, announced that Assembly Bill 705, passed by the California legislature in October, was designed to “protect our industry and the rights of parents who are in desperate need of assistance in transporting their at risk and/or resistant children to programs, schools and facilities.” This law became effective as of January 1, 2000 and “requires all employees of Transport Escort Services that escort California minors outside of the state to be registered with The California Registry of Child Care Providers….” This registry is maintained by the California Department of Social Services. “Individuals that register are given a background check that is conducted through the California Department of Social Services, which includes checks of the Child Abuse Central Index, the Department of Justice and a criminal check through the Federal Bureau of Investigations.”

(Feb. 10, 2000) The Idaho Statesman reported nearly 800 Clearwater County residents are objecting to a proposed home for teen age boys which had been approved 5-1 by the Clearwater County Planning and Zoning Commission. The paper reported the opposition was based on fear the home would bring in “troubled boys from the inner city.” The proposed Sun Mountain Ranch would be run by Kenneth and Janet (Chris) Fudge. Those who have worked in this network know Chris by her work as Admissions Director at Turn About Ranch in southern Utah. They also know the boys they anticipate enrolling would be suburban boys with functional families who need a second chance.

(February 11, 2000) Phillip and Cheryl McBride, 801-221-4650, Wulfgarin@aol.com, founders and operators of Sunrise Family Services, a program located in Orem, Utah, for girls 10-17, announced they are now online. A review of their program appeared in Woodbury Reports’ Places for Struggling Teens Issue #66, February, 2000, and also under the New Perspectives Section on our web site.

(Feb. 12, 2000) Gordon Gregory, a correspondent for The Oregonian, wrote an article titled “Deadly discipline? Some say unregulated wilderness schools are a threat to troubled teens’ lives.”

(Feb. 15, 2000) James Spiro, Director of Admissions at The Phelps School, 610-644-1754, announced their five-week summer program will start July 2, 2000. Designed for young men of high school age “who need academic work, support, structure, and remediation during the summer, it is not a program for behavior modification,” rather, a way for student to “improve their self-esteem and become more academically motivated during the five-week session.”

(Feb. 16, 2000) Judy Maizlish of “Independence Center, Los Angeles, Calif., 310-202-7102, a center for over 18-year-olds, many with LD problems, announced Dr. Marie Walbridge, a licensed therapist with 30 years of career planning experience, is now in charge of the Center’s vocational program. They also now have both group and 1:1 on-site counseling by licensed therapists, and Avalon Westside Terraces, where their apartments are located, has added a new fitness center that rivals those found at most health clubs.

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