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News & Views - Mar, 2000 Issue #67

A Personal Profile:


After seven years with increasingly responsible positions with the company, Tim Brace is leaving his position as Executive Director of Educational Services at Aspen Youth Services. In a phone discussion with Woodbury Reports, Brace said “The future holds many opportunities in this arena and I intend to be a part of the movement to reach more families and children as well as enhance the quality of services provided. I am grateful to the many that have supported the efforts I have been involved with and who have shared time with Kathleen and our family. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Brace’s 20-year career working with teens with behavioral/emotional problems spans the development of this unique industry. He has influenced the emergence of emotional growth schools and programs from a little-known alternative to mainstream psychiatric hospitalization, to a widely accepted and respected self-developing network of residential schools and programs. 

Almost exactly 20 years ago, in 1980, CEDU School in Running Springs, California hired Brace based on his innate ability, almost in spite of his newly acquired Masters of Counseling degree. The school was working hard to gain acceptance as a viable alternative to the “diagnose and medicate,” method for working with teens with behavioral/emotional problems, which was prevalent at the time. Brace became a leader in this rapidly growing school that was striving to differentiate themselves from “business as usual.” He worked consecutively as Counselor, Family Head, Assistant Director and Director of Rocky Mountain Academy in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, then returned to CEDU as Headmaster. 

In 1993, Brace left CEDU and joined what is now known as Aspen Youth Services. He served as Executive Director/Headmaster of Mount Bachelor Academy in Bend, Oregon, a school founded on principles similar to those of CEDU, as evidenced by their expanding number of schools serving similar populations of teens with behavioral/emotional problems as those served by CEDU. Brace was instrumental in the growth of Aspen Youth Services: he founded Swift River Academy in Massachusetts in 1997, served as Executive Director of Residential Schools, and most recently held the position of Executive Director of Educational Services for Aspen Youth Services. 

Reminiscing on the phone, he observed that 20 years ago when he started with CEDU, the options for parents wanting something other than residential psychiatric or treatment programs were very few. He considered himself very fortunate to land one of the few jobs available that offered a different vision, that of serving kids’ needs, rather than just addressing their diagnoses. Now, 20 years later, as he looks at the opportunities open to him, he sees almost unlimited opportunity in a rapidly expanding field. Where 20 years ago CEDU was virtually a voice crying in the wilderness, now he sees a large number of schools and programs growing and expanding their impact. Opportunities are heightened also by the large number of supporting businesses growing up around this network, such as consultants of all types making a living directly helping parents and bringing their expertise to schools and programs. This developing network of schools and programs is maturing, recently even forming their own organization called the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), which Brace was instrumental in forming.

Woodbury Reports wishes Tim Brace Good Luck, and has full confidence that the best is yet to come.

Tim Brace can be contacted at
3011 NW Golf view Dr., Bend, Oregon 97701

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