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New Perspectives - Feb, 2000 Issue #66 

 Sunrise Family Services, Inc.
Phillip D. McBride
Program Director
Orem, Utah

Sunrise Family Services, Inc. (SFS) is a new program that provides Early Intervention for 10-17 year old girls whose social, emotional or behavior dysfunctions have resulted in poor school performance and/or strained relationships within the home, but who can still function in a public school setting. SFS also serves as a “step-down” or transitional program, appropriate for students who have graduated from some of the more “intensive” programs throughout the industry.

Phillip McBride and wife Carrie have teamed up with Phillip’s brother, Jon and wife Cheryl, to operate a private-pay, family owned small residential facility that offers “a new dawn for a bright future.” They offer a Christian based program in a home and family environment in a neighborhood setting. They utilize the local public schools in for academics. The home parents are assisted by a Counselor who spends up to 40 hours each week with the youth. Each youth meets with a licensed social worker weekly for individual counseling, and is involved in group therapy 2-3 times each week. Family involvement is highly encouraged, with support and counseling programs available. The program emphasizes the healing aspects of spirituality, influencing the youth through the home parents’ Christian practices. Depending upon their progress in the program, students may attend the church of their choice. The youth participate regularly in recreational activities, and community service. Their goal is to help prepare youth to become integral and responsible members of society.

Phillip and Carrie began working as Home Parents for a program in San Diego back in 1990 and have continued to work with youth in various programs and capacities ever since. Jon and Cheryl served as Home Parents at the Utah Boy’s Ranch beginning in 1992 where Cheryl also served as a supervisor over other direct care staff. Since leaving the Boy’s Ranch, Cheryl has been continuously involved in counseling and clinical work.

They are licensed by the State of Utah Department of Human Services to provide Residential Treatment for six 10-17 year old adolescent females. A second six-bed facility, also designated for females, is planned to open in the spring of 2000.

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