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New Perspectives - Dec, 2000 Issue #76 

Sam Bull
– Executive Director
Sebastopol, California
(707) 829-1142

LEAP Now: (Lifelong Education Alternatives & Programs) is a unique service that can help students tailor “time off” between high school and college. This program provides information about a variety of opportunities, including over 20,000 internships, apprenticeships, work exchanges, alternative academic programs for high school and college credits, and volunteer situations in 129 countries, in addition to the U.S. The program is geared toward students ages 15 and up, who aren’t ready for college directly after high school, or who learn better through direct experience rather than in a traditional classroom. “LEAP Now was created to give people of all ages the vision, encouragement, and resources they need to live a creative, fulfilled and engaged life.”

LEAP Now offers 55 actual programs, including programs working with the Outdoors/Environment, Social Services, Animals, the Arts, Academic, Cultural and Language Studies, Schools and Teaching, and other great options. In addition to referring individual clients to other programs, LEAP Now has created its own unique summer and semester group programs in various parts of the world. 

A number of fears may arise for the parents who are coming to grips with letting their child venture unaccompanied into the world; the child may share these concerns regarding safety, college status, health, loneliness and culture shock. LEAP Now has experience counseling parents and students about a variety of concerns and they can help their clients save money on travel, set up customized transportation if needed, and provide information about a range of issues such as accommodations, visas and other paperwork, and health information. 

“Our service is for those who require expert and individual guidance and attention. It is our job to meet with you, get to know your needs/dreams/plans, make over 20,000 options available to you, then give you the encouragement, perspective, counsel, structure, and contacts you need to set up amazing experiences for yourself.”

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