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Schools & Program Visits - Nov, 2000 Issue #75 

Bachman Learning Center
David D. Passmore
McDonald, TN 37353
Tel: 423-479-4523 Fax: 423-472-2718

August 7, 2000 Visit Report
By Steve Bozak CEP, member IECA
e-mail: bozak@mail.usa.com

Although Bachman Learning Center has been around since 1912 operating as a therapeutic school, this fall they opened with about 4 - 10 students, under a new format. As of January 2000, Bachman dropped its state contract and opened its doors to the public as a co-ed boarding and day therapeutic school. Located near Chattanooga, Tennessee, Backman now it looks like one of the best bargains in schools for kids who need special attention for both behavior and academics, grades 7 - PG. Their academic program can accommodate kids with diagnoses of ADD, ADHD, OCD, who have lower to average intellectual functioning, who benefit by a self-paced approach.

David Passmore, the headmaster, says they hope to double the enrollment each year until they reach their capacity of 60 kids. The dorms for the boys consist of homes newly remodeled to accommodate dorm counselors and eight students. The boy’s dorms are located on the 250-acre campus, and they are working to create a Girls Dorm off campus with the same home-like environment.

The students work at their own speed using the PACE program for their academics. This allows them to move on to different subjects once they master their requirements. Currently they are enhancing the emotional growth area of the program. Once the student has finished the high school requirements, he or she may take college classes for credit while residing at Bachman. As part of the school’s curriculum the students work on academics as well as acquire behavior and vocational life skills in order to become self sufficient. A complete computer lab and a well-equipped auto mechanic garage are available to teach kids cutting edge technology. Also, Bachman has a beautiful horse stable with 8 horses for the kids to take care of and ride along side the lake.

The teachers understand that the students at Bachman Learning Center are there not only to finish high school, but also to enhance self-esteem, emotional growth, work on peer relationships, enhance good citizenship skills and contribute to the community. Bachman is a Christian school with daily morning chapel services. Students of any religion are welcome and children are able to continue to participate in religion in the manner which they or their parents wish.  School at Bachman has started and the kids continue to arrive.

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