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Seen 'n Heard - Oct, 2000 Issue (page 3)

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(September 21, 2000) Jaynie Selby-Longnecker, Benchmark Young Adult School, Redlands, California, 800-474-4848, became a fifth time Gramma on Sept. 16th by the birth of Austin William Skaggs.

(September 25, 2000) Elliot A. Sainer, CEO of Aspen Youth Services, Cerritos, California, 562-467-5507, announced the acquisition of SunHawk Academy, “a residential educational and treatment program for adolescents” in St. George, Utah, and Choices Inc., “a provider of community-based services that operates eight drug courts in four locations in Nevada. Aspen currently operates in 44 locations in eight states.

NORTHWEST ACADEMY GOES TO 24 MONTHS (September 26, 2000) Lori Rist, School Director for Northwest Academy (A CEDU School & Part of the Brown Schools), Naples, Idaho, 800-858-1933, announced that starting on September 1, 2000, the school is transitioning to a 24-month program, which is completed six months earlier than what it has been. They are also moving to “single gender teams for students in approximately the first year of their Northwest Academy program, which will offer younger school students less distraction, allowing better focus on their core issues.”

(September 26, 2000) The State of Idaho, under the umbrella of the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare is well into the process of updating “Idaho Rules for out-of-home care for children.” As one part of that process, meetings have been held to develop and revise rules relating to Therapeutic Outdoor Youth Programs. “Currently, children participating in therapeutic outdoor programs in Idaho are not provided statutory protection of their health and safety through licensure. Children placed in these programs are often exposed to higher risks than youth in residential treatment facilities, because of the outdoor environment. The typical therapeutic outdoor youth program operates from six to eight weeks for an individual child. In Idaho, therapeutic outdoor youth programs are exempt from regulation if they operate for less than nine weeks. We are considering removal of the nine-week exemption and development of licensure requirements to address health and safety for youth who participate in therapeutic outdoor programs.” They state the new rules will not affect Boy or Girl Scout camps, Recreational campus such as those sponsored by YMCAs, or Church camps. Several private programs in Idaho are participating, and Donna Brundage, CEDU’s director of risk management, is the committee chairperson for the outdoor behavioral industry in Idaho.

(September 26, 2000) Julia Andrick, spokesperson for the CEDU Family of Services, Sandpoint, Idaho, 208-265-0607 x130, jandrick@cedu.com, part of the Brown Schools, announced Greg Hitchcock is the southwest regional academic director for CEDU High School and CEDU Middle School in Running Springs, California, replacing Will Laughlin who is now the Executive Director of academics for all CEDU schools.

NEW RECORD FOR WOODBURY REPORTS ONLINE (October 1, 2000) With more than 47,000 unique visitors to the Woodbury Reports Online in the month of September, a new record was set for the web site. Previous totals were 35,674 in August, 36,260 in July, 36,736 in June, 35,443 in May, 28,145 in April, and 36,153 in March. Fifty six schools, programs and educational consultants are currently taking advantage of this web traffic to advertise a link to their own web site, which is turning the Woodbury Reports web site into the most effective portal into the network of Emotional Growth Schools and Programs for struggling teens on the Internet.

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