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Opinion & Essays - Jan, 2000 Issue

*Letters* from the StrugglingTeens.com discussion forum...

Topic: Special thanks to Lon

This Christmas eve, I am so impressed that you are still dedicated to this chat and are providing encouragement to us parents. The very fact that you have created this opportunity for me and my husband to check in with others is wonderful. It has given me hope at times of great stress. May God bless you and yours this holiday season. 
- trying our best

I would like to ditto the above expression of gratitude for all the examples of caring and support that are demonstrated through this BB. Thank you Lon for making it possible. Best Wishes to everyone during this holiday season.
- JeNNe
Topic: Happy Holidays

I wish everyone on this board a Happy Holiday!! If you are going to be visiting your teen over the Holiday I hope all goes well. I know that with Gods help they will all end up coming around. If you are visiting your teen make sure you let them know how much you love them. I truely believe there are no such thing as a bad kid, they are just confused and most of all they don’t love themselves. Have a safe and Happy Holiday, God bless you all!! eyes

“This chat board has been so important to me during these most difficult times. Reading the letters from all of you have helped bring a normalcy back to my life and have lessened my shame and guilt. I want to personally thank nightingale, tony, eyes, SLF, Golden Boy, and a special e-mail - all responses to my recent concern about harsh judgment from some family. The comments were just the reassurance I needed to stay on the right track in focusing on the family and friends who are supporting us and not dwelling on the negative. I can count on the comments here to be insightful, honest and heartfelt. Only those who have been through such pain as we have with those whom we love so dearly can understand our needs and hopes. My sincere thanks to all of you and my wish that your sons and daughters remain safe and that you have a Merry Christmas.”
“We are so grateful to have an opportunity to get help for our daughter. A few generations ago therapeutic schools didn’t exist and parents shipped their kids off to warehouses or turned their kids out into the streets. My hat is off to those caring folks who nurture our troubled kids and put up with the abuse and disrespect that my child has dished up to us many times over. That is a very tough job and you who do the heavy lifting with these kids are amazingly successful and are to be commended. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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