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Seen 'n Heard - Aug, 1999 Issue (page 3)

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(July 14, 1999) The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) announced their 1999 Annual Conference (their first one) would be in Tampa, Florida on September 16-18, 1999. The pre-conference workshop is titled “Understanding Emotional Maltreatment,” to “examine clusters of destructive parental behaviors which constitute emotional abuse and neglect…” led by Naomi Haines Griffith. This workshop is provided with the support of Three Springs, Inc. Other featured speakers are Steven Levenkron, leading a workshop on “the dynamics behind self- mutilation…” and William Pollack, author of Real Boys, who “will offer insights into present-day ‘boy culture’ and detail how programs can get boys back on their feet and prepared for future challenges.” Friday sessions will be provided by John McKinnon of Montana Academy, Keith Russell, of the University of Idaho, Larry Wells, of Wilderness Quest, Jeanne James, of Spring Ridge Academy, Mike Bulloch & Sarah Finney, of Island View RTC, David Sack, of Aspen Youth Services, Robert Cooley, of Catherine Freer Wilderness, Jared Balmer, of The Oakley School, Judi Robinovitz, an IECA Consultant, and George Bright, of Blackwater Outdoor Program. Detailed information on the conference can be obtained from NATSAP, Santa Barbara, Calif., 805-687-5825. 

(July 14, 1999) Dr. George Bright M.D., Founder of Blackwater Outdoor Experiences, headquartered in Midlothian, Virginia, 804-794-8900, announced their expedition schedule for the rest of 1999. A 14-day “Adventure” in Colorado starting Aug. 9, a 14-day all-female “Adventure” in West Virginia starting Aug. 16, a 14 day “Expedition/Adventure” in Tanzania Africa starting Sept. 9, a 2- day Parent Retreat in Virginia starting Oct. 23, a 21-day “Expedition” in West Virginia starting Oct. 3, a 21-day “Expedition” in New Mexico starting Nov. 1, a 21-day “Adventure” in New Mexico starting Nov. 1, a 14-day “Expedition/Adventure’ in Peru South America starting Dec. 26, and a 10-day Sea Kayaking “Adventure in the Florida Everglades. 

(July 15, 1999) Elliot A. Sainer, CEO of Aspen Youth Services, 562-467-5507, announced the purchase of Leeway School in Alhambra, California “a special-education day school designed for students ages 6-21 who are designated as special need students by referring school districts.” 

(July 18, 1999) Greg Kersten, founder of Equine Services, Santaquin, Utah, 877-858-4600, equine@eagads.com, announced the formation of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), a non-profit association to “promote, educate, and provide standards of practice, ethics, and safety in the field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).” The group is currently in the application process for 501c(3) status. The Board of Directors consist of: Greg Kersten, Genola, Utah, Lynn Thomas, Santaquin, Utah, Linda Myers, Burton, Ohio, Sara Ham, Trenton, Alabama, Tim Jobe, Boys Ranch, Texas, Cynthia Wittwer, Redwood Falls, Minnesota, and Van Potter, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(July 19, 1999) Rhea Verbanic, Admissions for Echo Springs Transition Study Center, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 208-267-1111, echo@dmi,net, announced in cooperation with North Idaho College, several students received sociology credit for a two week course in the Brooks Range of Alaska, led by Russ Hersrud. Students working with Don Jordan have formed a Cooperative to “learn hands on skills, business management and make money!” The first project was a series of birch picture frames that were purchased by Coldwater Creek. They also are establishing a supervised living situation in the Coeur d’Alene house for students transitioning from Phase One in Bonners Ferry. The program also has three fall openings for young adults ages 18 or older who need a structured transition program to learn how to make their life work better. 

(July 19, 1999) Aspen Achievement Academy, in Loa, Utah, 435-836-2472, announced the results of three years tracking graduates. Using a parent-completed measure of an adolescents’ progress called Y-OQ, it is designed to measure changes in inpatients and outpatients by measuring behavioral functioning in six domains. 280 past students have been examined using this tool. Aspen students received average scores of 100 on this test when first enrolled, which is comparable to the scores of youths in inpatient facilities. By graduation, the average score was 62, meaning in a more positive direction. After three months, the average score was 54, after six months it was 52, and after twelve months, the average was 45, which is the average for the average adolescent. It shows students receive a significant positive impact from the six-week program, and not only does the improvement hold, but the study suggests students continue to improve their behavioral functioning. 

(July 20, 1999) Shannon Dentinger of DHR International, Washington D.C., (fax) 202-822-9525, Shannon.dhrdc@att.net, an executive search firm, is looking for an Executive Director for the Community Care Program founded by the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation. Must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in education or related field (Masters preferred), and extensive experience in the education field, especially in character education. For more detail, see the announcement in the Employment Section of Places for Struggling Teens Online

(July 20, 1999) Ellen Weissman is the new Director of Admissions at Glacier Mountain Academy & Glacier Mountain Expeditions, Sandpoint, Idaho, 800-675-4765, starting just a couple weeks ago. Ellen has been in the Education field for a number of years, primarily public education. Ramona Slover is the new therapist hired by Glacier Mountain. Ramona has worked with troubled children for years, in group homes and with adjudicated children. 

Two counselor level positions are being added to the clinical team at Wilderness Treatment Center. Contact: Mike DuHoux (406) 854-2832. 

The new office in Texas being opened by Youth Services will be run Michael Knox, a recognized speaker for academic and parent groups. An expert on adolescent behavior, he has recently published a book about teen gangs. Contact: Kathy Villines (888) 677-7233

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