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Quotes - Aug , 1999 Issue

"Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character."
- Senator Henry Clay
"Census data show that by 1840 some 78 percent of the total population was literate (91 percent of the white population)..."
- Paul Johnson
Robert Whelan, in "Broken Homes and Battered Children," 1993 (England presented this data:
Compared to the rate children are abuse in traditional, intact, married families:
They are six times more likely to be abused in blended families,
14 times more likely in single mother/living alone families,
20 times more when natural parents cohabit,
33 times more often when mother cohabits with a boyfriend.
Compared to traditional, intact, married families, fatal abuse occurs:
3 times more often in blended families,
9 times more often in single mother/living alone families,
18 times more often when natural parents cohabit,
27 times more often when the biological father alone,
73 times more often when mother cohabits with a boyfriend.
Insecurity leads to feeling a need to control.
- anon.
"Clinicians are taught so much about diagnosis that it can blind them to who the patient is and how much she can grow."
- Jane S. Hall [psychotherapist]
"If all the athletes should acquire twice the strength they now possess, the rest of the world would be better off; but let a single man attain wisdom, and all men will reap the benefit who are willing to share his insight."
;- Isocrates, PANEGYRIOUS, I

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