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News & Views - Aug, 1999 Issue #60

On the Trail in Utah
Visit Report By Roving Correspondent, Jodi Tuttle
June 19 Ė 25
(435) 656-1251

No, I didnít bring the sheep-camp wagon this time! This was the first consultant tour that I organized under the umbrella of Rustic Roll Tours, instead of Tuttle/Gundry Tours. Needless to say, my partner Carol Gundry, has been sorely missed since she retired, although, I hear she is entertaining herself by working part time in a garden center. At any rate, the trip went very well, with only a few glitches. Fortunately, this group of consultants was able to go with the flow and we all survived my heavy booking of the tour. The Utah tour is beginning to have so many programs, I might have to eventually break it into two tours.

This great group of consultants, who were willing to venture out on my first trip alone, included Scott Corwin, FL; Elizabeth Gordon, MI; Mary Jo OíNeal, TX; Leigh Anne Spraetz, GA; and Cristie Woodfin, TX. I began thinking the tour should be called the Janet Greenwood tour since Scott, Mary Jo and Leigh Anne were all from different offices of Greenwood Associates. Elizabeth Gordon is taking the place of Judy Stevenson, who left the business to become an administrator for a Jewish Synagogue. Best wishes, Judy! For those of you who donít know, Judy had taken over the business of Edie Resnick when she retired three years ago. We will miss Judy on future tours. That left Christie Woodfin with the job of mentoring the newer consultants.

During the tour, we visited Al Bonous at Sojourn Wilderness; Abe Dalley at SunHawk Academy; Karr Farnsworth at Cross Creek Manor; Gill Hallows and troupe at Aspen Ranch and Aspen Achievement Academy; Shane Sorenson at Sorenson Ranch; Steve Nadauld at Redcliff Ascent; Ken Cousins and Company at Provo Canyon; Several Standins for Scott Davis at New Haven; Tori Ballard, Carol and Eugene Thorne at Discovery Academy; Dan Kemp and Jared Balmer at Oakley School; Scott Canter and Sheryl Kehl at Second Nature; Rob and Pam Nielson at Cedar Ridge; Kim DeLaMar and Jared Balmer at Island View; Robin Stevens at Youth Care; and Matt Dixon and Daniel Harrah at Vista Adolescent Treatment Center.

Besides witnessing some great programs and schools, consultants had the opportunity to see the gorgeous diverse landscape of Utah. This state is a land of contrast. The geology varies widely and climates change, as one travels from one corner of the state to another. We had the pleasure of seeing the red rocks of Southern Utahís Color Country; the stark beauty of the Great Basin Desert; Dinosaurland, the region of lakes and red rock gorges where outlaws and dinosaurs once roamed; and Mountainland, where Utah has exceptional skiing along with Robert Redfordís Sundance.

No trip to Utah in the summer is complete without passing a sheep herd going down the road, and we found one! Fortunately for us, the sheep had already found their way to the grazing pasture, but the consultants got to see a sheep camp wagon. It happened to be much older than mine. These wagons are built to last fifty years, but I really think this one might have been going on one hundred

The trip was great. It was especially rewarding for the consultants in that Utah has some great Special Purpose programs, Residential Treatment Centers, Wilderness programs and Transition Schools. One can leave the tour with an extensive knowledge of programs for students who need an alternative to regular schools. I look forward to next yearís trip.

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