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New Perspectives - Jul, 1999 Issue #59 

Teen C.A.R.E. Camp
San Diego, CA
Jeff Summers, Executive Director

Originally headquartered in Running Springs, California, “Teen C.A.R.E. CAMP was established to help adolescents with their addiction, behavior and educational challenges.” Headquartered now in La Mission, Baja California, Mexico, 40 miles south of San Diego, California, “TEEN C.A.R.E. CAMP offers treatment opportunities and counseling to create a healing journey back to wholeness for teens who are struggling in their home, school or community. Defiant, manipulative and out of control behaviors are masks for the fear and pain that engulf a troubled teen. If we only treat the symptoms, the underlying problems remain and often surface later in more serious ways. TEEN C.A.R.E. CAMP is unique in addressing causes, not just symptoms.” Another unique aspect of the program is each participant has the opportunity to participate in camping field trips to a variety of settings throughout the West.

TEEN C.A.R.E. CAMP considers drug and alcohol dependency to be a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease. They provide a “complete and effective treatment program for the drug/alcohol dependent adolescent at a cost far more affordable than a hospital based program. We incorporate a proven twelve step program alongside our multi-level achievement program which provides teens the tools to understand and overcome their addictions.” The location enables teens to be separated from the negative influence of peer groups, while receiving direction by trained professional staff and support from fellow recovering teens.

Having separate programs for boys and girls, they utilize what they call a “highly progressive accredited academic program” that allows students to complete courses on an accelerated basis, geared to their individual needs, while enabling students to work at their own pace. “Achievement and increased motivation are the natural result.”

TEEN C.A.R.E. CAMP’s Vocational Training Program, is designed to instill a strong work ethic and help teens prepare for the transition to the job market. Participants are interviewed for various jobs and if selected, are able to earn a weekly paycheck, which is deposited in a savings account until graduation.

“TEEN C.A.R.E. CAMP provides a safe space where teens can build trust in themselves and others, through backpacking, fishing, rafting, surfing, horseback riding, challenge courses, and other expertly supervised adventures. TEEN C.A.R.E. CAMP takes advantage of the heightened emotional access which an outdoor environment produces.” Located on a 100-acre ranch 40 miles south of San Diego, it offers teens the opportunity of experiencing an international culture.

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