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Seen 'n Heard - Jun, 1999 Issue (page 2)

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(May 10, 1999) Hyde School, announced their five-week Summer Challenge Program ’99, for ages 13 – 19, which uses their Character First™ Curriculum, will run July 11 – August 15 from the Bath, Maine campus, 207-443-5584, and July 6 – August 8 from the Woodstock, Connecticut campus, 860-963-9096. 

(May 10, 1999) First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in a statement at The Madeira School, a private girls’ school in suburban Washington D.C., in a reaction to the school shootings at Littleton, Colorado, said schools have gotten so big that students can get lost in the system. “There is no way that children can be made to feel special and valued, that they can be given the attention and support they need, and especially if they are vulnerable or susceptible to the culture and therefore more likely to be prone toward aggression that anybody will ever notice…. Right now most of our schools are no longer communities, and too many kids are passing through them anonymously.”

(May 11, 1999) G. Colin Rayner, of Temagami Youth Challenge Program, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, 905-632-9458, roman@globalserve.net, announced they have restructured to where they now have an eight-week wilderness program with the final three weeks focused on reintegration and follow-up, and require the parents upon initial enrollment to start considering the alternatives after their child leaves Temagami. He also reminded that another of the services they are involved in offering is the School of Expedition & Adventure Leadership (S.E.A.L.), 613-758-1092, info@sealcanada.com, a “challenging 97-day all-inclusive semester program for those serious about both character and skill development.” The S.E.A.L. 97 day program provides training/certification in Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Sea Kayak Guide, Advanced Wilderness Navigation GPS, ORCA Moving Water/Canoe Tripping/ Basic Instructor, OWWA/ACA Kayaking, Rock Climbing Certification, and Challenge Ropes Course Facilitator. 

(May 11, 1999) John Vargo, Marketing Assistant for Youth Today, is looking to expand the Newspaper’s readership. He reports it is the only independent nationally distributed newspaper covering the child and youth services field for its 65,000 readers. Issues covered include youth development, after school programs, mentoring, job training, school-to-work, juvenile justice, gang and violence prevention, adolescent health, teen pregnancy, best practices, resources and conferences related to professional development. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, subscription information can be obtained by phoning 800-599-2455. 

(May 14, 1999) The Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard reported that a Junction City, Oregon woman is suing People Magazine for more than $10 million for publishing a photograph with an article entitled “Camp Fear” showing her teen-age son attending a private school in Jamaica. Referring to false statements about the nature of the school, she is suing the magazine, its parent company, Time Inc., and individuals who produced the four-page article, citing defamation, libel, invasion of privacy, casting her and her son in a false light, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The lawsuit alleges that her son’s photograph was used without her permission or that of her son or the school, Tranquility Bay. Her attorney wrote in the lawsuit “It is highly offensive that a child cannot attend a school and receive help without being placed before the public to be judged and ridiculed.”

(May 16, 1999) Joe Sweeny, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 208-267-9028, reports the boy he has been working with for the last several months has about transitioned to live on his own. Sweeny reports he shortly will have room for one or two more boys in his home. Sweeny, formerly with Rocky Mountain Academy, has had years of working with young people with behavioral/emotional problems, and in the last few years has been working one-on-one with young men with personal individual mentoring in a community setting. 

(May 19, 1999) USA Today reported that according to the Justice Policy Institute, school-related deaths nationwide dropped to 24 this year from 55 in the 1992-1993 academic year. The Education and Justice Departments reported school-related crimes per 1,000 students was 164 in 1993 and down to 128 per 1,000 students in 1996.

(May 21, 1999) Kevin Baron, President of SunHawk Academy, St. George, Utah, 435-656- 3211, info@sunhawk.org, announced they plan to move into their new facility by the end of the summer. Major work has already been completed on the building. The new facility will house all their operations, add additional classrooms and expanded offices, and will have a recreation area covering nearly two acres. They are also expanding their emotional growth seminar offerings, and are looking at hosting some in different locations around the country. 

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